AG Cars & Classics Limited was set up by classic car enthusiast and owner Alex based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Alex launched the company from his lifelong love of cars and his personal experience of owning and working on dozens of Classic cars. Alex was a Nissan mechanic working on newer, more modern cars whilst fully restoring classic cars including his first car an MG Midget 1500 and the cars shown below.

At AG Cars & Classics you are trusting your vehicle to experts with more than 15 years of experience. We use the best parts available and the best techniques in the industry. Alex has worked on some truly amazing cars in his time and endured most Classic Car problems and issues. At AG Cars & Classics you will always get an honest and fair service, including great tips and advice.

AG Cars & Classics is a place customers can bring their vehicle where we will treat it with great care and respect. At AG Cars & Classics we have a very high standard of work & quality and always maintain the very best service. AG Cars & Classics service, repair and renovate all manner of classic cars and have the ability to carry out all requirements from paintwork to total engine rebuilds.

AG Cars & Classics doesn’t just focus on one make, model or era, we’ll work on anything for the passion of classic and retro cars. Customers will get a completely personalised service tailored to suit their needs. AG Cars & Classics keep you informed about the expenditure and progress of restorations and servicing throughout and do our best to keep it within your budget.

Along with the Classic car services, AG Cars & Classics also offer Terraclean and ECU remaps to our customers.

Terraclean is a great service that can genuinely improve your vehicle and reduce customer’s fuel and service costs.

ECU remaps are a great way of gaining power and torque bespoke to your vehicle, AG Cars & Classics use BHP-UK so there are no generic ‘off the shelf’ remaps offered.