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Brand New Replacement for LUCAS C39, C40, C40 Long, C42 & C45 Dynamo’s

New from STEALTH the all new DYNAMATOR. Produced on new tooling at a fraction of the cost of all the competition.

The DYNAMATOR is an Authentic looking Dynamo that in fact is a high output 45Amp Alternator, giving a massive increase on performance
with the added advantage of being light weight, weighing in at only 3.5 Kilos!!

If you are thinking of converting your Classic Car to an Alternator you can use the Dynamator and retain a totally original look.

Easy to fit as it uses original Dynamo mountings.
The Dynamator also comes with its own built in regulator for easy installation

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C39/40 Neg Earth, C39/40 Neg Earth w/Tacho, C39/40 Pos Earth, C39/40 Pos Earth w/Tacho, C40 Long Neg Earth, C40 Long Pos Earth, C42 Neg Earth, C42 Neg Earth w/Power Steering, C42 Pos Earth, C42 Pos Earth w/Power Steering, C45 Neg Earth, C45 Pos Earth


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