AG Cars & Classics are classic car restorers offering car restoration, servicing of classic cars, racing cars and vintage cars at one of Richmond’s premier car garages for classic car repairs and car restoration. 

AG Cars & Classics have many years experience of repairing classic cars and vintage cars. We provide high quality classic and vintage car repairs and restorations including car body repairs such as bumpers, panels, hoods, dash/trim interiors and chrome as well as electrical repairs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to breathe life into the cars of yesteryear. We carry out all repairs from a blown light bulb, full service, MOT repair work, up to a full restoration. Our services include:

Pre MOT Inspections
High Quality Repairs
Electrical Repairs
Upholstery Trimming
MOT Work
Collection & Delivery by Arrangement

AG Cars & Classics not only endeavour to provide a professional restoration service, but we also cater for enthusiasts, first time buyers and people who just want some friendly advice.

We offer a professional restoration of your classic car; from a ‘nut & bolt’ restoration to a partial rebuild or refurbishment and every project is complemented with photographic records to add to your vehicle’s history file.

We offer FREE quotes on all repairs and restorations, plus we can provide door to door service transporting your Classic Car with an extreme level of care and attention.

So if you are looking for classic car restorers for restoration and repairs of classic cars, vintage cars and racing cars, contact AG Cars & Classics on 07799 430454 or 07447 965588.

Body & Welding Repairs

Welding repairs are undertaken to a high standard and we can undertake almost any welding repairs necessary on your classic car, be it for an MOT or for a complete restoration project.

We will cut out the rust and rot, before welding in new metal which is then ground back flush to keep the car looking as original and authentic as possible, making the repair tidy and not as noticeable. Depending on where the repair is made we will seam seal and paint over the repair, followed by a coating of waxoyl for protection.

If the car is with us for a full restoration then the welding repairs maybe completed at different stages of the restoration.


Underseal is a thick coating applied to the chassis of a vehicle to protect against damage from salt, corrosion, ice damage and chipping from stones that could allow rusting to occur. It will suffer damage over time and it’s recommended to have your underseal checked on an annual basis to catch any problems before they take hold.

Even keeping your Classic car hidden from the aggressive winters we experience here in the UK, application of underseal and wax injection is imperative to ensure the vehicle’s longevity in this country.

The first thing we’ll do in the underseal process is clean the underside of your vehicle. This is to remove all the dirt, flaking rust and any peeling underseal or paint, and to make the underneath as clean as possible. Any plastic inner wheel arch covers are removed at this point to gain access to the areas behind where accumulated salt and dirt which would otherwise remain hidden.

Brakes and exhausts are then masked and the underside is then coated with black, durable, rust inhibiting underseal.