We are able to offer a full range of servicing for your classic car;

Full Service
Full Inpection
Engine Service
Engine Tune-ups

Timing Belts changed
Fault Diagnosis
Brake, Engine, Gearbox, Suspension and Interior upgrades available

If your car has never been serviced by us before or has been stored for a long period of time it would be advisable for us to do a major service. This gives us a chance to become fully acquainted with your vehicle and in a better position to give you advice specifically for your car. When we take any vehicle into the workshop for the first time we recommend it have an inspection which gives us the chance to gain an in-depth look at your vehicle.  

We then list every defect, damage and any wear allowing you to stay in control and have an understanding of what your vehicle needs.  You can stay with your vehicle while we perform the inspection and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Once the inspection is complete you will be presented with a detailed report of the above which gives you to have the choice and control over the amount of work you require carrying out.

Contact us to find out more, for help and advice or to book your car in.


We are happy to carry out classic car inspections and give valuations for insurance purposes. We will take into account things such as condition, rarity, current market prices, quality of work carried out, etc. Details of major expenditure or work you have had done including bills and receipts may be useful.

If the vehicle is particularly rare or unusual it can sometimes take slightly more research to give a fair valuation. Over-the-phone estimates are not viable on older vehicles because condition is so critical. 

Please remember to try and be fairly realistic about your expectations even if it is your pride and joy or for insurance purposes. A charge depending on the amount of time involved may be made, but please ask for details.


To get the very best out of your classic car, we recommend and offer the following modifications and enhancements. If you have any requirements not listed below – please contact us and we can help you. Don’t forget to check out our Online Shop.


 Dynamo to Alternator Conversions Uprated Radiators/Cooling Fan Kits Uprated Suspension Kits Uprated brakes  Uprated or Performance Engines
New Generation Battery Charging Modern Stereo/Speaker Systems (iPod & MP3)  Uprated Gearboxes  Fuel Injection Systems  Electronic Ignition Systems
 Big bore Exhaust and Manifold systems Fully Integrated Air-conditioning Systems  Power-assisted Steering Kits

 Alarms, Immobilisers & Central-locking Systems Interior/Exterior Upgrades


If you have a garage or workshop, full of older vehicles or just bits and pieces and you are unable to clear it yourself, or you need to in a hurry because you are moving soon, give us a ring. We will be very interested to find out what you have got and help out if we can. Also if you have odd items which might be of interest including the really old veteran, vintage or steam car parts. Even if we are unable to use them ourselves we will often know, or be able to find, someone looking for that elusive part.